McKenzie River Trail

May 21, 1989

Four of us, all Obsidians, gathered to walk 20 miles, but because we did not have an extra car to spot at Trailbridge, the leader decided to make the hike shorter. So we walked from Fish Lake to the Powerhouse Trailhead at Trailbridge, 12 miles. At the south end of Clear Lake we were fortunate to be able to see a Western Tanager. Below Koosah Falls we had a worrisome wait for Bob. (We thought he had fallen over the falls — he hadn’t — he had camera trouble.) At Tamolitch Pool, Bob and Marty clambered down to the water’s edge and Marty stuck his head in for a really close look, while Emmy and I kept the ants company from above. While we went back for the car shuttle, Bob and Marty walked the extra mile to cross at the dam at Trailbridge. Obsidian hikers were Emmy Dale, Bob Foster, Marty Hathaway and leader Betty Macy.

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