Coburg to Brownsville

May 20, 1989

The Brownsville bike ride had 4 sign-ups and 3 show-ups. Everyone carried their bikes to the Coburg starting point by car, except for Royal. Adding in the r/t “home to Coburg” distance, Royal’s total mileage was 68 — vs. 48 for the rest of us. The scenic backroads leading to Oregon’s 3rd oldest town provided us with almost car-free (and equally care-free) riding. Union Gap (aka Rattlesnake Pass) was the high point of our trip. At least literally. Lunch was taken in historic Pioneer Park on the sunny banks of the Calapooia River. Afterwards, a no holds barred stone skipping contest was held, with Shirley the undisputed winner. Our “guest rider” was Pat. She is a visiting professor from Gunnison, C0. Riding her prized TREK bike, her speed and stamina are impressive. This is due, no doubt, to living and riding in the rarified air of Gunnison, elevation 7,703 feet. Her favorite Sunday ride is up and over Monarch Pass, elevation 11,312. Our trip back to Coburg was a flatland route that took us through miles and miles of lush seed grass, about hip high. Pushed along by a favorable tail wind, we finished the ride by mid-afternoon. Those enjoying pedaling through Linn County’s bucolic countryside were Shirley Froyd, Royal Murdock, Pat Sterling and Bob Devine (leader).

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