Alpine Trail & Saddleblanket L.O.

May 7, 1989

With heavy sky and the hope of no rain, no snow on the trail and a little sun, we start up the ridge trail at 10:00 a.m. Because of the overcast, there is to be no view of the Peaks. But the trail at this point is fine, just a few spots of snow. It soon becomes apparent that there will be snow on the trail ahead, but how much? is the question. At a few points we lose the trail, but are able to find it again. Sourgrass: it has a foot of snow covering it. We get across; there’s the trail again, good! Up we go, snow until we get to Road 140. It is now 12:00. One mile to Saddleblanket Lookout. Here, two of us decide to wait. We can see spots of snow on the road ahead, but we continue on. At Saddleblanket Trailhead we manage to miss the trail: snow is to blame! We travel up the ridge. I call out to the head, to the left not the right, the trail is just below the ridgeline. Here, three of us decide to wait. (Were it not for the trees, the lookout could have been seen); the rest of us go on up and arrive at 1:00 p.m. We eat lunch, and head back, regrouping at Road 140. On the way down, we do a better job of trail finding, and get off only once. We make it back to the trailhead at 4:20. As we looked back, we were glad the sun had not made its appearance until our return, making for better traveling. All in all, a very good trip by a good hiking group consisting of Doris Allen, Emmy Dale, Bob Foster, Marty Hathaway, Vi Johnson, Betty Macy, Velma Shirk, Sharon Ritchie, Birgitte Williams and leader Rebecca Hansen.

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