Champion Creek

May 6, 1989

Under the able direction of Bob Devine and the Scherers, the group met the leader, Shirley, and Carol Houde at the bottom of Shirley’s road and we drove under cloudy sky to the parking at Champion Creek. The creek was very full and making resounding falls, splashes and gurgles all the way. Many flowers in bloom, weeping rocks, graceful dripping ferns, and rock slides captured our attention along the way. Lunch was enjoyed beside Golden Curry Creek. One of the members had a bit of a problem and as fortune would have it, there was a miner up there who drove the person down accompanied by nurse Carol. He filled them in with great historical tales of the area. On the way back the group stopped at Shirley’s log house for a rest stop. By the way, the miner lent us a light so we could go in his mine farther than we usually look. We didn’t venture in very far as the floor was quite wet, but we appreciated his hospitality. Those enjoying the day were Teresa Brown, Bob Devine, Bob Fulton, Carol Houde, Carrie McClish, Maxine Reynolds, Dorothy and Clarence Scherer, Pat Sterling, Sally Still, Jan White, Eleanor Wilkerson, Elaine Yost and Shirley Froyd (leader).

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