Silver Creek Falls

May 6, 1989

Last minute cancellations and additions left us with a nice group of fifteen persons as equally balanced as possible between members and non-members. We were further favored with most auspicious weather, so even though we seemed to run a bit behind schedule all day, nobody seemed to give a hoot! Those of us who made this trip last year in a drizzling rain were especially gratified by the conditions this time around. In fact, we were reluctant to leave each of the misty cataracts. We found the trail, in particular, and the park, in general, teeming with humanity. Families, church groups, scout troops, and especially the brownies were out in force. Indeed, we learned that the brownies were having a jamboree in the park that weekend. Nevertheless, when we reached the lodge at the South Falls we found it relatively deserted. So, we were able to get our needs satisfied rather quickly and were on our way home by 3:30, arriving a few minutes after 5:00. Those making this year’s pilgrimage to Silver Creek Falls were: Genie Currier, Bob Foster, Sylvia Harvey, Helen Lynch, Marie King, Barbara Spencer, David Radile, Mary Millman, Birgitte Williams, Marsha King, Loretta McCauley, Harriet Spitler, Klaas van Asselt, Gladys Grancorvitz, and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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