Cerro Gordo

March 18, 1989

The Eugene and Cottage Grove contingents met at the leader’s house on a very gray day. The rain kindly withdrew into the clouds for most of the hike. The fine mist comforted us at lunch, however. We hiked up an old homestead road, through a forest and across streams to the old homestead site and graveyard. Upward from there the path through the forest was widened by recent logging activity. Selective logging had been employed so the forest looked good, but the pathway was pretty muddy. We ate lunch at the edge of an apple orchard and incense cedar forest. The next attraction was a collection of nifty anthills that stick up one to two feet from the surface — those ants are smart, they won’t drown. Then on down the east ridge and back to the house for hot chocolate. Hikers were Herb Lee, Marty Hathaway, Linda Wagner, Elaine Yost, Melvin Zavodsky and leader Shirley Froyd.

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