Eel Creek

March 12, 1989

The group left S.E.H.S. parking lot at 9 a.m., and arrived at the trailhead at about 11. The trailhead is in the North Eel Creek Campground on the west side of Hwy. 101, about 10 miles below Reedsport. It was clear from the outset that the weather would be uncooperative. After reaching the dunes, the group struck out in the direction of. the mouth of Tenmile Creek, to the southwest. This was straight into the teeth of a gale, often filled with rain. In the lee of the dunes the wind abated, and only the rain was a concern. Except, that is, for the pools of water placed in the way of the hikers, causing numerous detours. The pools varied in size from puddles to lakes. Quicksand was a concern, but nary a hiker was lost, though things did get sticky at times. After a little over an hour’s hiking, the group reached a point near the mouth of the creek. A brief lunch was consumed in an area of relative calm and during a break in the rain. There was some talk about breaking out deck chairs and bathing suits, but calmer heads prevailed. Good thing &hellip as the group explored the creek where it meets the beach, the wind and rain returned, and blew the hikers back to their car! Soggy hikers were Melinda Bruce, Miki Hutchison, Joe Lowry, Linda Wagner, and leader Jerry Cosby.

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