Obsidian Pooh discovers North Pole at Xmas Potluck . . .

December 15, 1989

Obsidian Pooh (Pat Dark), Christopher Robin (Bob Dark), Rabbit (Royal Murdock), Spotted Owl (Dallas Cole), Kanga (Chris Shuraleff), Roo (Jane Hackett), Eeyore (Dave Predeek), Piglet (Marilyn Murdock), Narrator (John Jacobsen), plus Rabbit’s friends and relations discovered the North Pole. Creative costumes and outstanding acting made this one of the great plays in Obsidian history. The audience laughed at the right times with only a few prompts from the director, Jan Jacobsen. The play did not have to be rewritten since Obsidian trips and members have many similarities with the original story.

The entertainment concluded with a story read by Jan and John Jacobsen. Members then shared special memories of Christmas.

The Lodge was very festive with table decorations provided by Leona Devine. The tree came from Dave Predeek’s annual Christmas tree trip and had already spent a week at Jan Jacobsen’s school. After the potluck, it was given to a Korean family. With the help of Bea’s overhead fans, the tinsel on the tree fluttered and waved as members enjoyed the hot apple cider and visiting the hour before the potluck. Under the tree were many items of food for the Lane County Food Bank. Goodwill filled the Lodge for the 63 people who shared.

Thanks to John McManigal for building the fire and taking the food to the Lane County Food Bank. Thanks to Donna Eimstad and Leona for kitchen duty. Another thanks to Dave Predeek for the beautiful Noble fir tree.

Jan Jacobsen

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