“Here we come, Okanogan National Forest!”

April 28, 1989

Sixty-seven people attended the April potluck to hear Bob Dark’s latest news on summer camp and John Kocher’s cheery message for new members. With the warm weather, members mingled outside before and after the potluck to visit and view the maps that Bob had placed on the outside wall. Several members brought snapshots of the area.

Bob showed slides that he had taken of the campsite near Winthrop last summer. It is a flat area with plenty of room for everyone. He gave us lots of tips on how to survive and promised to send a letter to all participants so that we won’t forget essentials like a lawn chair, water containers, sense of humor and a willingness to pitch in and help make this camp one of the best ever.

Bob borrowed slides from the Chemeketans who camped there last summer. The slides showed wonderful hikes and views. The Chemeketans selected the ten best hikes which caused a few hardy souls to contemplate if they could do ten hikes in one week. Does this sound like we need a “ten hike” award?

All of us appreciate the work that Bob is doing to make summer camp a reality. The summer camp rally is just the beginning.

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