Mt. Washington

August 19, 1989

On August 19, our group of six climbers started off on the Pacific Crest Trail for a climb of Mt. Washington. We moved quickly up the ridge and found clouds covering our mountain pinnacle. We made our way to the base of this cloud-covered rock and started up. All the members were fast and we were soon on the top. It was the coldest one could imagine for an August day so our time on top was limited to picture taking and a drink of water. We rappelled down a 100-foot drop and traversed over to the regular route, then the hair-raising rappel. By now we were practically frozen, except John Pegg who was still wearing shorts and saying something about it being August! We scrambled down the scree to the bowl and finished off Tim Cook’s cookies, that of course being our dinner since it was 7:00. We appreciated Tim bringing dinner for all. We got out with lots of daylight to spare, maybe as much as 3 or 4 minutes, and then to Ike’s Pizza for real food. The climbers were Tim Cook, Diane Frank, John Pegg, George Jobanek, “Johnny” and Tom Donnelly (leader).

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