South Sister

August 12-13, 1989

The five members of the South Sister climb stood on the top of Oregon’s third highest place at 10:30 a.m. on August 13, 1989. It was 78 degrees F, little wind. Mountain peaks everywhere shouted for attention through clear skies. The group backpacked to Moraine Lake on Saturday and found a beautiful camp. Sleeping under the stars Royal Murdock and John Pegg enjoyed one of summer’s special gifts, the Perseid Meteor Shower: a display of shooting stars caused by the earth’s annual orbit through some primordial cosmic dust. At 6,500 feet with a perfectly clear atmosphere, it was spectacular! A leisurely lunch on the summit, surrounded by the marvelous beauty of the Cascades, let us all reflect on our accomplishment. A1 Swafford, a mountaineer from Salem, was generous with stories and trail mix. This was Velma Brotherton’s first mountain and her pleasure showed. Kim Gagnon and Royal Murdock proved how easy a climb can be after a season of conditioning. This was John Pegg’s third Sister with the Obsidians. For everyone it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

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