Diamond Peak

July 28, 1989

July 28 was a beautiful, sunny clear day. Smoke was present in all directions to the distance but was of no threat to the views of the nearby valleys, lakes, and ridges. The two climbers left Blue Lake Trailhead from Road #2149 at 8 a.m. and followed Trail #3699. At this point, the climbers hiked cross-country directly eastward until they crested a ridge at timberline south of the head waters of Bear Creek. Scree slopes were crossed and elevation gained as a false summit just north of the true peak appeared to be the goal due to the presence of many climbers in view on top of it. However, as the Obsidian climbers approached a canyon directly north of the true summits, the goal for the day became obvious. The east side of a long, quick rising ridge was traversed all the way to the true summit. After lunch atop Diamond Peak, the climbers travelled northwest until Trail #3699 was found. The return to the car was uneventful except for a long rest at beautiful Blue Lake. Enjoying this very pleasant climb were Lee Stubbs and Ken Ball.

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