Diamond Peak

June 4, 1989

This ski climb of Diamond Peak started 1.1 miles past the Pioneer Ridge Trailhead where the road turns to the South just before the Diamond Rockpile Trailhead. We were able to put our skis on almost immediately and skied cross country on a bearing 5 degrees N. of East until we reached the flat area to the North of Marie Lake where the country opens up and becomes very beautiful with open snow covered meadows, large hemlocks, and Diamond Peak looming to the North. After a snack we continued a few hundred yards in the same direction then turned a little to the right to skirt a ridge coming down from Diamond Peak. Gradually we turned back to the left, staying on the level until a little valley opened up to the left. We then skied up the ridge on the far side, now going pretty much North until we came out above timberline to the East of Diamond Peak. We continued North below the E. face of the peak, crossing the debris of a large avalanche which came down in February or March of this year. Near the long East ridge, we turned West up into the bowl below the North Summit and skied up to the main ridge. After a little walking and skiing, we left the skis on the ridge. From here three of us made our way along the ridge to the summit. The ski back to the car was great fun. The party consisted of Gary Bricher, Tim Cook, David Freudenberg, Hugh McMahan, and John Mowat (leader).

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