Mt. Hood

May 20, 1989

This was a technology intensive assault on the mighty Mt. Hood intended to maximize enjoyment while minimizing effort. (But then, isn’t that the goal of most of our efforts here in the civilized world.) After a pleasant few hours of sleep in a very cold parking lot we boarded our summit assault vehicle at 04:00. Mounting our attack from the top of the Palmer lift we gained Porkchop Ridge (the Hogsback) by 08:00. We split into light and fast teams for the final push. We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of a trench to separate us from our goal. Battling our way through the narrow and treacherous Pearly Gates we achieved our objective by 09:00. We suffered no casualties although a couple of members were severely wounded by fatigue. Having secured the mountain and resupplied our nutritional deficit we radioed back to headquarters to communicate our success. After basking in the glory of our success we beat a hasty retreat utilizing the excellent snow for glissading. It was a friendly and familial group. The leader’s brother and the assistant leader’s sister did a splendid job considering minimal mountaineering experience. Those participating were Rich and Jan Anselso, Tom Donnelly, first time summiters Win Ahrens, Diane Frank, and Mary Renaud, and assault team coordinator Rick Ahrens.

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