June 21-24, 1989

The Redwoods trip received an extra bonus — the weather was perfect for the whole trip. A gala group of 24 left S.E.H.S. at 8:00 a.m., June 21, and arrived at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park at 10:30 for coffee and Bette Bars. We then headed south and arrived at Bullards Beach State Park at Bandon for lunch and a drive down to the lighthouse (a few walked). We drove the scenic route via Sea Cliff Drive through Bandon and again headed south stopping at Humbug Mountain State Park and Arch Rock with wonderful views of the rocky coastline in this area. As we arrived in Brookings we stopped at Boardman Beach and drove through Azalea State Park where a few of the wild azaleas were still in bloom. There were many wildflowers along our route. Among these were profusions of tiger lilies and light lavender wild iris. We drove along Oceanview Drive where there are many lily farms. This area produces 90% of the Easter lilies in the U.S. None were in bloom, however, as they are produced for their bulbs and the buds picked off. We stopped at the Hastings Farm and had a very interesting talk by one of the growers.

After spending the night at the Brookings Inn, we continued south and stopped at the Klamath Overlook where the Klamath River empties into the ocean. It is very high and very scenic at this point. The overlook viewpoint is 1 mile straight down but some of our group made it down and back. We stopped at the Orick Redwood Information Center for lunch and ate at the picnic area on the beach which was comfortably warm and no wind. There were many patches of yellow sand verbena. After lunch we visited the Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove and everyone enjoyed wandering through the giant Redwood trees. Most everyone made the mile long hike. We then drove to Eureka and after a tour of the historical area, stopped at the Eureka Inn for the night. Several enjoyed the whirlpool but only Clarence Scherer ventured into the outdoor swimming pool as it had become very windy.

The next day we drove to Ferndale where we had a docent get on the bus for a tour. We drove by Fern Cottage built by Joseph Russ to house his family of 22. As his family grew he added a section so there are 3 sections to the house. As one might guess there are many Russes still living in Ferndale. We toured Linden Hall, the Andreason House which has been restored and is open to the public. Both the Russ House and the Andreason House were built by wealthy dairymen. Dairy products, particularly butter, were very successful in Ferndale’s early history and the large homes were called “Butterfat Palaces.” After lunch at the Victorian Village Inn, we drove back to Arcata and headed up Highway 98 along the Klamath River. The river is wild and very scenic. We saw dredges seeking gold, rafters and an Indian village. At Happy Camp we turned onto Highway 48 and climbed to 4800 feet. Here we saw whole hillsides of bear grass, many lavender and white wild lilacs and high mountain vistas. We arrived at Cave Junction at 8:00 p.m. and it was very warm. Some enjoyed the swimming pool and managed to cool off.

The next day we drove to the Oregon Caves National Monument where about 12 of our group toured the caves. Others enjoyed walking on the trails, shopping in the gift shop and looking through the lodge. After lunch we left for home arriving back in Eugene about 5:30.

Bus riders were Muriel Aufderheide, Catherine Anderson, Geri Bales, Rita Baxter, Martha Cockerline, Virginia DeMers, Phyllis Early, Ardis Ebbighausen, Jane Hilt, Margaret Hutchison, Virginia Kapsa, Helen Knowlton, Beatrice LeFevre, Frances Newsom, Lucille Pauly, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer, Maryelton Schutz, Grace Smith, Lila Smith, Ethel Steussy, Bob Wilson, Beatrice Hill and Bette Hack (leader).

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