Hoodoo-Big Lake

March 20, 1988

A truly awesome trip! The col between Hoodoo Butte and Hayrick Butte was quite difficult to negotiate due to the lack of snow, but we all made it one way or another. The weather cleared somewhat but remained mostly grey. We lunched at Big Lake, our destination, and then slogged out on the road trails to the east of Hayrick. This was another typical Parker Riddle lead: When the gong sounds, the gates open, everyone is on their own — spaced out; it certainly is a miracle that we all got back to the barn at the same time!! Winner, Kathy — by a nose. The horses, in alphabetical order, were: Gladys Grancorvitz, Corinne Hunt, Diane Jeffcott, Dawn Peterson, Kathy and Parker Riddle (leader), Karen and Jim Russell, and Gerry Tomseth.

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