Rosary Lakes-Waldo Lake Road

March 5, 1988

After a dry winter, our trail was reputed to be in bad shape, but reports of snow at the pass the previous day led us to give it a try. Six skiers started up the trail, and found it to be only ice in places, and mixed snow and ice in the better stretches. Very little of the new snow had filtered down through the trees onto the trail. After 1 to 1½ miles of difficult going, we decided to pursue another option. We returned to our cars, and drove to the Waldo Lake Road. We found snow on the road, without ice. After lunch, we got started about 12:10 p.m. We just wanted to ski awhile on snow, without the ice. We knew we would not be going all the way to the lake. Most of us turned back between the 3- and the 4-mile posts, and had an enjoyable run out to the cars. We were glad we had forsaken the Rosary Lakes Trail and found a place where the skiing was better. Non-member skiers were Jody Fairchild, Sally Still and Herb McMurtry. Members were Leslie Proffit, Joe Turner and Norm Benton (leader).

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