Odell Butte

February 21, 1988

Although Cinnamon Butte was the scheduled destination, an unfavorable snow report from Diamond Lake Lodge caused the group to change by mutual agreement to Odell Butte. The five of us left Eugene in one car and arrived at the Odell Butte Road to find that it was still snow-covered all the way down to Hwy. 58. Although the snow was icy near the bottom, it improved rapidly as we went up. The weather was perfect: a cloudless sky and little wind. We stopped a little below the top for lunch, rest, and the magnificent view, then proceeded to the 7,033-ft. top. Except for some steep and icy stretches near the top, we had a very enjoyable run down as we descended almost 2,500 ft. in the 5 miles back to the car. Participants were Sue and Laura Girardeau, Leslie Proffit, Mark Siegel, and leader Marvin Girardeau.

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