Lava Lake Loop

January 24, 1988

The Shirks have led a ski tour on Lava Lake Road (F.S. 2067, Hwy. 20 near Santiam Pass) for several years, but this one seemed the best of all. With sunshine, no wind and 16 amiable skiers to help break trail, the trip was guaranteed to succeed. At the bridge over Crescent Creek, the group split. Mike led a group of nine up the creek, and Velma took a group of seven to the right, up the main road. We met at the top of the ridge for a leisurely lunch and mountain viewing. Then all 16 chose the easier and shorter return route by way of the main road on the west side of the ridge for a fast glide back to the creek. Some helpful elk had volunteered to break trail for us, but their 2-foot deep potholes were more hazard than help. Too bad they don’t use skis! Skiers were Jerry Crosby, Evelyn Everett, Rachele Fiszman, Bea Fontana, Gladys Grancorvitz, Mardi Klotz, Dot Leland, Leslie Proffit, Henrietta Richmond, Ardys Ringsdorf, Bobbye Sorrels, Carol Stern, Gene Thaxton, Jane Tucker and Mike and Velma Shirk (leaders).

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