Yoran Lake

January 23, 1988

Fourteen hearty souls departed on a morning of clear blue skies that promised a day of adventure and conviviality. At first the snow was crusty and slick which caused great trepidation as regards the return. Gene Thaxton, chairperson in charge of snow condition, was able to arrange for only modest improvement in that which was under ski. (Some days are like that.) Whomever was sunshine director for the day, and many claimed credit, should receive accolades for a job well done. Though the ski-in involved some difficulty, vistas at “Lunch Lake” (actual name unknown) and Yoran Lake made it well worth the effort. At our destination we were also treated to splendid views of both Diamond Peak and Mt. Yoran. The trip back was fast with many spontaneous interactions with nature (trees) and innovative trail redirections. All in all, a good time was had by the following: Susan DeBuse, Tom Donnelly, Jane Hackett, John Hudson, Raejean Larson, Whitey Lueck, Sam Miller, Anne Montgomery, John Mowat, Chris Shuraleff, Carol Stern, Annabelle Street, Gene Thaxton and Tom Woxell (leader).

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