Big Lake

January 9, 1988

The 11 of us left Eugene in two cars, one truck and a deluge of rain that seemed to increase as we gained altitude. When we rendezvoused at Jennie B. Harris our enthusiasm about skiing from Ray Benson to Big Lake had been somewhat dissolved by the incessant rain. We continued on toward the summit and stopped at the flashing sign demanding the placement of traction devices on our tires. We watched the snow disappear in the rain along with the rest of our enthusiasm. Discretion was the better part of valor on this rainy Saturday as we substituted the challenge of finding an open place to have coffee going back home, for the thrill of skiing in wet, sticky and rapidly disappearing snow. After failure at Blue River we converged on Mom’s where French fries, chili (with and without onions), pie (black and blue is highly recommended), coffee and sparkling conversation were enjoyed at our single common table around which sat Jerry Crosby, Annabelle Street, Marilyn Nersesian, Bob Foster, Dot Leland, Bobbye Sorrels, Doris Allen, Whitey Lueck, Gladys Grancorvitz, Vi Johnson and leader Royal Murdock. Great skiing was definitely talked.

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