French Pete Trail

November 19, 1988

Five Obsidians and one non-member took off for French Pete Creek under a steady rain and overcast skies, undaunted and thirsty for the sanctuary and pristine beauty of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. The leader was very sorry to have to deny another would-be hiker participation on the trip due to insufficient clothing on this cold, rainy day, but all else were sell prepared for the elements and did not seem to mind the rain one bit. We had the French Pete Trail all to ourselves. The creek was flowing quite strongly, and patches of snow covered the almost iridescent, huge gold and orange maple leaves carpeting the earth. The tops of the tree branches were all bordered with a couple of inches of white snow and occasional views up the canyon revealed a heavier snow mantle on the upper canyon walls. The air smelled as if it had been scrubbed clean by the autumn elements, crisp and sweet, and the steady whooshing of the free-spirited creek accompanied us throughout the hike. This was an easy hike, approximately three miles up-river to the former site of the last bridge (since removed by the Forest Service for safety reasons). The return trip was even more leisurely, as no one was in a rush to end this healing visit to the Three Sisters Wilderness. Good company and a great autumn hike were shared by Bob Foster, Terry Ianora, Mary Millman, Sharon Ritchie, Birgitte Williams, and leader Michael Cooper.

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