Champion Creek

November 12, 1988

With clouds looming overhead the group set the leader in Cottage Grove and began the trek with a stop at Shirley’s house for morning necessities. Then on to Champion Creek, which was gushing as was everything else it seemed. The foliage, rocks, earth were exuding water which made for some gorgeous drips as well as cascading waterfalls from the hillsides. A couple of the mine entrances looked spruced up and we shone a flashlight in those. Lunch was eagerly eaten sitting by Golden Curry Creek. After lunch we walked up further since it wasn’t raining much and we could see snow above. We walked up another 45 minutes and paused near a curve where Bob Foster had arrested his walk. Barking dogs began to appear — at first three, but then a total of seven or eight bounded around the curve and defied us to come any further. We were about ready to turn around anyway, so after conversing with the pack a few moments, we headed down again. We had reached the snow and satisfied our every wish of the day and happily bounded down the hill. Those participating were: Bernice Claypool, Genie Currier, Carmel Decroo, Rachele Noto Fiszman, Bob Foster, Velma Shirk, Hans Schock, Klass van Asselt, and leader Shirley Froyd.

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