Patjens Loop

November 6, 1988

The destination was the Patjens Loop if the snow had not arrived. Tentatively, 15 people headed off hoping that the snow level was above the Hoodoo area. The road was sanded and the snow plows were at work but we tried the drive into the parking area next to Big Lake and the beginning of the Patjens Loop. The snow came, the wind blew and the air was cold so all but Shirley Froyd and her contingent in a four-wheel drive rig departed for the walk around Clear Lake. It was a good day for Clear Lake — there was little rain and it was somewhat warmer than higher up the pass. The ancient trees were still visible in the lake. After a walk around the lake, all departed for a stop at the Village Cafe (Mom’s Pies) where we joined eating in progress by the hikers who walked the Patjens Loop. The contingent in Shirley’s car had remained at Big Lake and went on the hike around Patjens Loop. It was just gorgeous with between one and two inches of snow decorating the trees and ground. The sun made picture postcard scenes and then it would snow again. We ate our lunch while hiking because we didn’t want to tarry and possibly get stuck with a blizzard. It turned out the road was clearer going back and we happily departed for Mom’s Pies where we met the rest of the group with our satisfied tummies. Hiking were Susan Baker, Barbara Chinn, Marcia Danab, Rachele Fiszman, Bob Foster, Shirley Froyd, Rebecca Hansen, Shaymond Michelson, Mary Millman, Robin Prentice, Virginia Prouty, Henrietta Richmond, Velma Shirk and leaders Mary Ellen West and Maxine Hall.

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