Yachats to Waldport Beach Walk

November 5, 1988

Welcome rains started in Eugene a week earlier. A walk in the warm winter rain on the beach is fun when the tide is right and the people are enjoying sharing a good time. We had all of that plus a little bit more. We started in “soft showers” in Yachats. The tide was on its way out. Wind was at our backs. Not too far north, we realized something was amiss, by the odor of a high dead sea animal on the rocks in a shallow cove. As we walked along, the sky became more overcast, the ocean more aggressive (3 got wet feet trying to escape up onto the bank from a sneaker wave) and by lunchtime it was quite gusty and raining hard. We ate lunch at a beachside park. Because of the inclement weather, we walked 6 miles rather than the previously planned 8 miles. Two people stayed in Yachats, the other 5, dripping wet, enjoyed the day on the beach. Travelers were Teresa Brown, Gladys Grancorvitz, Miki Hutchison, Gwen Kingsley, Mary Millman, Birgitte Williams, and leader Bernice Claypool.

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