Tahkenitch Dunes/Threemile Lake

October 23, 1988

Ten of us headed for the coast in high spirits even though our start was delayed. Our buoyant attitude was prompted by a complete confidence that we were going to be blessed with the best of weather conditions for our outing. En route we stopped at the Gingerbread House near Mapleton, more from rest stop considerations than the lure of gingerbread. When we arrived at the trailhead we were joined by Dee Bray who had driven up from Bandon. The hike to Threemile Lake and back was made even more interesting by the presence of a number of mushroom varieties along the trail. Some were photographed and some were picked. Two paper bags full of Chanterelles were harvested. Hikers were also treated to a sapling of coast huckleberries which were still quite plentiful in the more open areas. A half-mile from the trailhead, on the return leg, we took the fork which led us to the best of the sand dunes in that area and we hiked out on it to a point near its coastal extremity. We capped the day off with a stop at B.J.’s ice cream shop in Florence and were back in Eugene by 5:30 p.m. Those who reveled in the sunshine and salt air were: Dee Bray, Bernie Claypool, Genie Currier, Mae Jackson, Phil Martin, Carrie McClish, Mary Millman. Alys Riley, Sharon Ritchie, Birgitte Williams and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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