Shotgun Creek

October 22, 1988

We left Eugene in the fog, but had sunshine most of the time after reaching Shotgun Creek. We were fortunate in our timing for the trip as the park had been closed for two or three months, and had reopened the day before the hike. This is an easy hike, going up to the side of the hill, and going around to the other side of the park. Some chose to walk up to the ridge, which would make it a qualifying hike, although they reported that the trees have grown up so high that the view is almost non-existent. We came back down and had our lunches in the sunshine, after a nice morning outing, and were back in Eugene before 2:00. This could be done as a half-day trip if someone wanted to do it that way. On the hike were Sandra Boynton, Bernie Claypool, Clair Cooley, Helen Fisher, Carolyn Kompanik, Bonnie Ledford, Helen Lynch, Carrie McClish, Helmut Plant, Hans Scholl, Lois Schreiner, Frank and Ruth Sumich, M. Vitulli, M. Walter, Birgitte Williams and leader Miki Hutchison.

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