The Twins

October 9, 1988

Unpromising murky weather in Eugene, but a gorgeous autumn day in the Waldo Lake Area. Many hunters visible on Waldo Lake Road, none at the Twins Trailhead and none encountered on the hike. In spite of the steepness of the trail our group of eleven Obsidians reached the summit well before noon. Excellent views. Several hikers went on over to the second peak before we all hiked down. Enough time and energy left over, so we waded at a lovely sandy beach at Shadow Bay and walked an hour or so on the Waldo Trail. Very Leisurely. Fred and Suzanne even went for a swim. Twelfth member of our party, Richard Heinzkill, hiked a lower elevation on his own due to an injured foot. Our dozen included Bob Foster, Shirley Froyd, Gladys Grancorvitz, Richard Heinzkill, Mardi Klotz, Ann & Ed Lichtenstein, Dave Predeek, Sharon Ritchie, Fred Schepman, Suzanne Steussy, and leader Emmy Dale.

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