Wildwood Falls Bike Trip

October 8, 1988

We began the day’s ride at milepost 6 along Row River Road. Bob Devine brought the group down from Eugene to meet the leader at the start of the ride. The ride goes along the north shore of Dorena Lake and then on out along the river. The day became sunny in time for us to enjoy it at Wildwood Falls where we had lunch. After lunch we went along further to make a loop at that end. We had a very pleasant ride and at the end stopped up at Shirley’s log house for a spell. Those pedalers were: Doris Allen, David Becker, Charles & Mary Bremner, Bob Devine, Sid Magee, Dick Moffitt, Carolyn Orum, Carol Stern, Carolyn Villa Lobos, and Shirley Froyd (leader).

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