Belknap Crater

October 1-2, 1988

Leisurely walk across the lava beds. Short side trip to Little Belknap. On to main Belknap — climbed north side to top. Camped in the open — two of us on the very summit, and two slightly below. Stayed up late watching all the stars in the universe — fair number of meteors. Awoke to a second clear, cloudless day. Morning excitement was provided by a low-flying bullet zinging over our heads (barely) and between our camps, courtesy of a nearby hunter pursuing a four-point buck that had climbed the crater to visit us. No damage to either us or wildlife, though we did hit the dirt with a few unsavory comments. Hiked on out through bright red huckleberry bushes. Home by 3:00. A great autumn trip. Becky Hansen, Sid & Pickens Magee, and leader Bert Ewing.

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