Rosary Lakes

September 24, 1988

With 2 cancellations and 5 no-shows, 16 of us had a leisurely hike on a very pleasant day. We arrived at the upper lake in time for an early lunch. Some decided to remain in the area of the upper lakes, while others climbed up for a view around. Most of these stopped at the base of Rosary Rock, to watch a snow and ice climber demonstrate rock climbing above. One had a beautiful view of Thielsen, Diamond, South Sister and Broken Top, as well as numerous High Cascade Lakes. Returning to our lunch spot beside the lake, we found one asleep, and others relaxing in the warm sunshine. Others returned about the time the last remnants of the lunches were polished off, and we headed out. We returned to Eugene soon after 4:30 p.m., after a fine hike on a beautiful day in the mountains. Hikers were David Barker, Dorothy Burton, Charlotte, Don & Sonja Nordling, and Mildred Wilson, non-members, and members Glenn Aplin, Bernie Claypool, Bob Foster, Corinne Hunt, Miki Hutchison, Dixie & Richard Minkler, Fred Schepman, Paula Vehrs and Norman Benton (leader).

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