Bohemia Area

September 18, 1988

Snafu of the year! For more reasons than I care to list, the sign-up sheet was not posted. Our apologies. But for Judy Fobell, Bob Fuller, Dorothy Hayes, Joan Keigher, and co-leaders Quintin Barton and Virginia Prouty the trip was a wonderful experience. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. After leaving Cottage Grove we proceeded through Disston to the Noonday Road, passing Grizzly and Grouse Mountains, Champion Saddle and parking at the Bohemia Saddle. Not only was the hiking great but we were informed of the past history of the area by Quintin. Following the Knott Trail we walked through private property viewing early mining ventures. We continued around old Fairview, deciding to take a logging road rather than bushwhacking, to find an operating mine, which we explored, on Elephant Mountain. We fortified ourselves with lunch on the west slope of the Elephant. A short distance from there we found Elephant Lake. We were met by two friends that live part time at the Lead Crystal Mine. We were invited to see their place and enjoyed their charming hone. Quite a surprise to find all the luxuries of city living including boxes of gorgeous flowers at this lake-side mine and home.

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