Belknap Craters

September 17, 1988

This trip started off with rainy weather in Eugene. Not too bad, just the usual drizzle. The weather cleared on the other side of Springfield and the group was optimistic about a good outing. Upon arriving at the trailhead we found the weather was overcast with areas of sunshine. All agreed to give it a go. The temperature was pleasant for hiking but cold. The leader’s thermometer read 28 degrees at 9:30 a.m. There were clouds obscuring Belknap near the top. By the tile the group reached the turnoff to Little Belknap it was snowing lightly. There was very little accumulation but lots of blowing. We climbed Little Belknap and stayed on top for only a few minutes. We descended to the small crater and decided on this spot for lunch as the crater rim kept out the wind and snow. After a pleasant lunch we headed back down. We had intended to climb the main crater but decided against it because of the weather. We met a number of other hikers including two with small children who were being carried. All-in-all an interesting trip but not what had been expected. Arriving back in Eugene about 3 p.m. were Clifford & Margaret Fisher and Patricia & John Kocher (leader).

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