Rigdon Lake

September 14, 1988

The weather was warmer than I had hoped, the trail was dusty and skies smokey from a forest fire out of Oakridge. These glum facts, though true, do not give an adequate report of our trip. Eight participants made it a GOOD DAY! Ethel Steussy was someone whom I had not met before and it was nice to sake a new friend. Mary Millman has come with us each of the three times I have led this Rigdon Lake trip. That surely warms my heart. Gladys Grancorvitz and I have many shared memories of past trips together. Bill Morse, husband and friend, came along as a hiker, helper and driver. Bob Foster was on a trip where we attempted to climb the South Sister. That was many years ago. Mary Bridgeman was the leader of the first Obsidian hike that Bill and I ever made. That, too, was many years ago. The world-traveler and hiker Norm Benton had not been to Rigdon Lake before. It was nice to have him along and show him some of Oregon. He was also a driver. We appreciate these people who are willing to share their cars and to transport us to our destination. The three men took a side trip to the top of Rigdon Butte — led by Bob. It was a GOOD DAY, especially enjoyed by the leader Lois Morse.

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