Fawn Lake

September 4-5, 1988

Kathy and I were the only ones to sign up for the overnight back pack trip to Fawn Lake, Crescent Lake area. Going in we both wondered why we were doing this. The terrain was dry and dusty with no breeze. When we reached Fawn Lake we met two Forest Rangers who had just spent five hours containing and quenching an open pit fire, negligently not entirely extinguished by campers. Tired and exhausted we jumped into the lake and immediately knew why we were there. The beauty of the trees with the inviting lake with few people around gave one a true sense of being in tune with nature. That evening we had a delicious spaghetti dinner. The sun went down and so did we.

Next morning we hiked two miles up to Saddle Lake and went swimming. Saddle Lake is much smaller than Fawn Lake but of beauty unsurpassed. As we broke camp we felt we were fortunate to have such a beautiful weekend. The trip was easier heading home, downhill, and we talked about our good ties over a snack at Odell Lodge. Leaders Kathy and Parker Riddle.

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