Mink Lake

September 3-4, 1988

Our group of twelve left Winopee Trailhead at Cultus Lake about 11 a.m. on Saturday. Lunch stop at the trapper’s cabin on Muskrat Lake was several hours later with everyone eventually present although we nearly lost a few hikers at the first junction. Thanks to a young trailbiker our group was reunited. We had a wide range of hiking speeds and experience, so that by late afternoon some revisions of the original plan were undertaken. Six people camped at Snowshoe Lake while the others went on to Mink Lake. Both groups found good camping situations, excellent swimming, few insect pests. Several slept without tents quite comfortably.

Sunday morning our two groups met again at the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, a chance encounter as the Snowshoe contingent was headed up for a quick hello to Mink Lake. Both parties agreed to meet midday at Snowshoe Lake in order to hike out together. Details on a minute to minute basis were messy. There were too many confusions to be comfortable at but we were lucky. People were patient with each other although as a whole our group was NOT poetry in motion. Eleven other reports might be rendered by Susan Baker, Barb Elsen, Marsha King, Mary Hillman, Ron Nunemaker, Dale Penegor, Ginny Saunders, Hans Schock, Mike & Velma Shirk or Bobby Sorrels. I enjoyed each and every one of these people. Emmy Dale, leader.

P.S. Tom Boyd, who found us at Snowshoe Lake on Sunday, was a welcome and expected hiker for the long, hot trudge back to the trailhead.

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