Clear Lake

September 3, 1988

As we gathered for our trip, some expressed the thought that 9 a.m. was a bit late to get started. My plan had been made to beat the oppressive valley beat by spending the hottest part of the day at the higher elevation. We reached Clear Lake prior to 11 a.m. and found a great number of other persons had already congregated there and were engaged in a variety of activities. We also found that it wasn’t exactly cool even in the immediate environs of the lake. Mercifully, of course, the trail around the lake lies largely in the shade and involves virtually no strenuous escalation. Taking a counter clockwise course, we had completed approximately half the circuit by lunch time. From a shady vantage point we caught the breezes off the lake, watched the boaters and debated the identification of a solitary water fowl near the far shore. (Ultimately, we got consensus that it vas a Western Grebe.) Prior to continuing our hike, the group was also subjected to a mini “floor show” featuring selections from “Cats” as the hike leader shamefully exploited a captive audience! When we finally rounded the last turn at the northwest reach of the lake, we took a leisurely break and soaked our hot feet in a small feeder stream which has survived the hot, dry summer. While enjoying this respite we found we were sharing the cold, clear water with a number of minnows, a “water dog” and a bull frog. A11 took advantage of the refreshment opportunities at the lake’s restaurant concession before setting out for home. One carload decided to save room for pie at Ma’s Pie Shop on the way back to town. Hikers on this outing were Paula Vehrs, Carolyn Villa Lobos, Genie Currier, Helen Lynch, Miki Hutchison, Norma Jones, Mardi Klotz, Rachele Fiszman, Terry Caron, Gladys Grancorvitz, Louise Bauder and leader Vernon Barkburst.

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