Jefferson Park

August 13-14, 1988

Although I’ve only done about a dozen backpack trips in my life, I would have to rate our weekend trip to Jefferson Park as one of the top three trips of my experience. Because of the locale, the companionship, the wildflowers and the weather, it was a delightful trip. The cool, cloudy Saturday made the five miles in with our overnight packs such less exhausting than it would usually be. I had been afraid that the hot weather of the preceding month would mean that the wildflowers of this spectacular alpine meadow would be past their prime. Instead, we were excited to find that they were just at their peak: white rhododendrons, lupine, yellow mirulus, pink mimulus and seemingly florescent Indian paintbrush. We set up our camp at Scout Lake and then made an afternoon hike to Russell Lake and the meadows beyond it. We had such a good time leisurely exploring the spring-fed meadows that were rampant with lovely wildflowers. We also went to see a dramatic canyon complete with waterfalls and a view of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation — thanks to a tip from another hiker. Then we returned to camp for supper and then conversation until bedtime.

Sunday morning greeted us with clear skies. We walked to see Bays Lake before packing up our camp for the hike out to the trailhead. Sharon Ritchie and Enrico Micheli were superb companions. Sharon’s sense of humor, enthusiasm and energy make her a wonderful person with whom to share a trip. Enrico, who is from Milano, Italy, entertained us both with his experiences in Alpine mountaineering, skiing and backpacking. I’m glad that the three of us had the opportunity of enjoying this wonderful trip together. Anne Montgomery (leader).

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