Matthieu Lakes

July 23, 1988

Twelve of us enjoyed a perfectly clear Saturday hike to Matthieu Lakes and Yapoah Crater. First we stopped off at Dee Wright Observatory and gazed through telescope windows at the various mountains. Then we hiked through mosquitoey woods and up the left-hand trail to South Matthieu Lake 3½ miles away. Several times we stopped and admired the great views of Belknap Crater, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mts. Jefferson and Hood in a row. Soon we could see North Matthieu Lake 500 feet below us, and the North and Middle Sisters to the south beyond South Matthieu Lake. Most of the group ate lunch here, while the leader went for a swim in South Matthieu Lake. Then we proceeded to walk one mile to Yapoah Crater’s base, enjoying several more great views of High Cascade mountains on the way. We walked through the loose sandy soil to the right for another half mile and followed the steep path switchbacking to the top of Yapoah Crater. One of us blew soap bubbles and the wind carried the bubbles high up on the wind. We walked around the rim of the crater for about ¼ mile; people standing on one of four high points on the rim were framed against Mt. Washington for nice photos. Three of us swam in North Matthieu Lake out to a small island. The mosquitoes ate us alive on the way out. Suzanne Steussy, Barb Elsen, Anne Moore, Tom Ellis, Shari Wulf, Bobbye Sorrels, Ann Dustrude, Sue Girardeau, Ted Briles, Karen Carter, Marty Hathaway and leader Bob Foster were the 12 who hiked together.

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