Obsidian Loop

July 16, 1988

Eleven hikers left the newly relocated trailhead and improved and individualized parking lot at Frog Camp. We enjoyed brief stops at the two viewpoints on the lava flow, and shortly after leaving White Branch Creek we walked across packed snow for most of the next six miles. Most of us walked up on “Penthouse Rock” above Obsidian Meadow and enjoyed the view of North, Middle and South Sisters and the Husband. Four of us hiked to the top of “Penthouse Rock” and saw Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson in the distance. Snow covered the Obsidian Meadow. We lost the trail but found it again just before reaching Obsidian Falls. Instead of going up the easy way to Arrowhead Lake on top of the cliff, we went up the more direct route along the edge of a snowfield through the forest and did some rock climbing along a melting snow waterfall. At the top standing on a rock at cliff’s edge we could see blue-ice covered lakes 500 feet below. We had a great view of Diamond Peak and the Husband to the south, Scott Mountain to the west, Belknap Crater, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood to the north, and reddish-colored Little Brother, snowcovered Middle and South Sisters and partly snow covered North Sister to the east. We stopped briefly at snow and ice-covered Arrowhead Lake and walked along the rim until we found a less steep snowbank to glissade, slide down, take leaping jumps or walk down. Sunshine Meadow was covered with snow, but White Branch Creek was beautiful where it emerged from its snow covered blanket. We all hiked the endless 3 miles through the woods mosquito free and all met at Vi’s (Mom’s) Pie Shop for pie, soup or dinner. The eleven of us who went and enjoyed this perfect cloudless day were Bob Weigel, Jan & Dave White, Peter Burkowitz, Jerry Worbey, Sharon Ritchie, Richard Sundt, Bobbye Sorrels, Rachele Fiszman, Richard Heinzkill and Bob Foster (leader).

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