Rosary Lakes

July 9, 1988

A bright, sunny day greeted us as we drove to the Rosary Lakes Trailhead. The forest trail shaded us from the hot sunshine. We had to go around several fallen trees. Mosquitoes attacked us on the trail but were deterred by the cool breeze when we reached the lakes. We visited all three lakes and made our choices for a lunch spot. Some members went swimming in the clear water. Others took pictures or enjoyed the surrounding environment. A mother duck with her ducklings was a main attraction in South Rosary Lake. Two members, Bob and Suzanne, decided to go further to the top of Maiden Peak, reaching the top four hours later. They reported (later) the views were extensive and worth the effort. (The trail became non-existent as they neared the top.) The rest of us returned to the parking lot, meeting horse riders from Portland and Grants Pass. We returned to Eugene with one carload stopping at Salt Creek Falls to revisit the area. Participants were Glenn Aplin, Genie Currier, Bob Foster, Vi Johnson, Kirsten and Norma Jones, Anne Montgomery, Ardys Ringsdorf, Suzanne Steussy, Susan Stewart and Saundra Miles (leader).

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