Clear Lake

July 4, 1988

Congregation at the parking lot, scheduled for 9 a.m., was severely hampered by 3,000 people who picked this day and this hour to do the Butte to Butte run. However, by omitting the pre-trip formalities we were able to depart a mere 25 minutes late. At the trailhead, introductions were embellished with bits of appropriate personal information, which helped to sort out who was who. Seven of the nine non-members on this trip were new faces, people making their first Obsidian trip. Several of us, Obsidians all, had hiked this trail last fall, and we found that the Clear Lake Trail was also presenting a new face. Lush, verdant foliage and brightly colored flowers now predominated. The loons and the grebes that dotted the lake in the fall were gone — probably nesting in the Arctic. But now, new life was visible everywhere, including an osprey nest where a fledgling still resided. We chose this area for our lunch spot. On the second half of our trip, the Great Spring drew our attention. Out from the bottom of this beautiful turquoise colored inlet welled a prodigious flow of crystal clear water at a temperature of 33 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the official source of the great McKenzie River. Back at the Clear Lake Lodge Cafe, the first to arrive were faced with a dilemma. There were only 7 pieces of pie left and there were 17 hikers in our group. Not to worry though. The first seven on the scene ate the pies and — ergo, no more dilemma! Those enjoying an Independence Day hike around one of Oregon’s most beautiful lakes were: Gerda Bacas, Genie Currier, Dick Dewey, Kris & Steve Eadie, Barb Elsen, Rachele Moto Fiszman, Bob Foster, Shirley Froyd, Marty Hathaway, Dorothy Hayes, Bobbie Kalbfleish, Dee McClarin, Mary Millman, Arian van Driel, Vera Woolley and leader Bob Devine.

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