Father’s Day Bike Ride

June 19, 1988

I first led this trip in 1975. Originally it was a Mother’s Day bike ride. Bob Devine led it about four times during that period.

We had a beautiful day. Thirteen of us proceeded out the Amazon bike trail to Garfield Street. Then north across the railroad to the river bike trail and over the Owosso Bridge. Next was a maze of back streets through the Coburg Road area to the Knickerbocker Bridge by the freeway. From here three of the crew took a more direct route up the hill to the Lodge, while the others followed me on a more scenic and difficult route through Hendricks Park. We ended up with the usual superb pancake breakfast.

Barb Elsen has joined me on this trip three other years and Sig Otto twice before. Dave Predeek, Norma Lockyear and Mary Bremner were also repeats. Ashley and JoAnn Molk were new comers to Club activities. We hope to see more of them. Donna Holland is getting to be an enthusiastic bike rider. Bill McConnaughey was home on vacation from St. Louis. He had just ridden from Boise. Bob Moffitt and Carol Houde have been with me on other outings. Corinne Hunt as well as some of the others became aware of some of the many bike trails in our city. Dave Predeek and the leader Marriner Orum were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got volunteered to be in on the clean-up!

Everyone was all smiles and such of the success of the outing and breakfast should be credited to Vera Woolley who did most of the behind the scene work of organizing and putting on the breakfast.

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