Rosary Lakes

June 18, 1988

A bright and enthusiastic group of outdoor lovers met at the South Eugene parking lot on June 18, 1988 — excited despite the overcast skies which looked like rain at any minute. We left there at 9:05 a.m. in three cars and headed out of Eugene to the Highway 58 intersection and were hardly to Pleasant Hill before the sun greeted us and blue skies prevailed for the rest of the day. After a beautiful drive up, we reached the parking lot located just past Willamette Pass Ski Area around 10:30. One car met us there. They had started from the Pleasant Hill area per an earlier telephone conversation when a rendezvous time was arranged. After using the bathroom facilities at the parking lot, we commenced our trek on the Pacific Crest Trail — destination Rosary Lakes. Surprisingly, we encountered at least ½ dozen large trees across the trail — one at a time of course — either to climb over or find a spot to walk around. This trail is a good conditioning hike for those freshly into hiking for the summer, as the incline builds slowly and steadily — easy but slightly challenging also. We arrived at South Rosary Lake before noon; a few of the group dropped off there to start lunch while the rest of the group proceeded on the short distance to the other two lakes and settled at the small lake and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. With food and friendly conversation, we passed an hour or so and started back to our cars around 1:45 p.m. Two cars stopped on the way back to Eugene at the Oakridge Dairy Queen for a treat and we were back in Eugene around 4 p.m. On final analysis, there were 4 Obsidians on the trip and 10 non-members, a most congenial and enjoyable group consisting of Doris Allen, Dottie Conlon, Clay and Lauretta De Forge, Maxine Dorland, Ann Dustrude, Judith Engle, Donna Holland, Jeanne Holmes, John Horsfall, Corinne Hunt, Vi Johnson, Virginia Prouty and Loretta Mason (leader).

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