Waldo Mountain

June 11, 1988

This was my third Waldo Mountain trip from the Salmon Lakes Trailhead on Road #2424, all done in early June. We were glad to have a sunny day this year, especially after the earlier June rains and remembering last year’s snow showers. Snow began to cover the trail in spots about half way up, and the last ¼-½ mile was on a continuous snow bank. The trail breaking efforts and snow steps of Bob Foster, Lee Hatch and Dave Predeek were greatly appreciated by those who followed. We enjoyed lunch in the sun at the lookout, with efforts to name all the mountains and some of the buttes and hills in the distance. We made our way down the mountain and over to the lake, where we found two friendly “mountain men.” Talking with them amused some hikers, while other brave souls put their feet or themselves into the water. A brief first swim! The shooting stars were profuse and lovely in Waldo Meadow on the way out. I carried a bag of litter, including old pots and pans, out from the meadow; some people remembered seeing the pots and pans from last year’s hike! Enjoying this full day of hiking were Barb Elsen, Alice Evans, Rachele Fiszman, Bob Foster, Lee Hatch, Cathy Perkin, Dave Predeek, Sharon Ritchie, Miriam Smith, Carol Stern, Suzanne Steussy, Jenny Wilson and Shari Wulf, with leader Mary Fulton.

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