Cascade Head and Saddle Mountain

June 4-5, 1988

After gathering three more Obsidians with gear we set out for Cascade Head. We lost a little time looking for the desired trailhead which is at the end of Road 1861, designated Hart’s Cove Trail. Around 11:30 a.m. we began to descend through Sitka and Hemlock forest, eventually rounding the Cove till reaching the huge meadow and hillside. Although being much tempted to call a halt we simply had to explore this surprisingly beautiful area — skies, ocean deep blue, two high waterfalls hidden deep in the cove, windowed rocks to the south, etc. Wild iris mingled with bright pink hollyhocks carpeted the meadow. Warm sun and no wind helped to make this one of those exceptional days at the coast. (Good Obsidians should be able to sniff the weather — compare trip with others same day). Getting back to the car and down the road we stopped at another trailhead which pointed to another lookout. A fast pace brought us to Cascade Head South with its breathtaking vista of the Salmon River Valley, lakes and surf. As evening was approaching, we reluctantly returned to the car, then Highway 101, a dinner stop, then Highway 53 to Necanicum and Saddle Mountain State Park, making camp by the last fading light.

Sunday morning up the trail at 7:35, reaching summit of Saddle Mountain before 10:00 a.m. with lots of time to linger in its mystic. The weather permitted views of many valleys, the Columbia River and Bar, ocean, Astoria, the Washington side of the Columbia but none of the high peaks due to a cloud cover. Lovely flowers all the way and some “unknown” to any one of us. After a brief second lunch re started out for home via Highway 101. At Cannon Beach we mingled with other tourists, strolling and tasting various specialties. At Tillamook we got a glimpse into the art of cheese making. At last homeward through the green valleys of Dallas and Corvallis and goodbyes in Eugene by 8 p.m. This beautiful weekend was shared by Leona Devine, Bob Foster, Mary Millman, and Paula Vehrs (leader).

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