Larison Cove

May 21, 1988

After leading this trip several times, I wondered what fresh description or new incident I could use to spark up my report. No problem — leaders always luck out — something is bound to occur. On this trip, we (five cars of expectant hikers) turned in at the trailhead to discover trucks and cars occupying most of the parking space. They made room for us. Then to our astonishment, we learned they were preparing to shoot cannon off across the cove at floating targets. They seemed no less reluctant than we to share the cove, but politely agreed to hold their fire until we were out of range. After some morning practice, they would wait for our return in the afternoon, and they would fire toward targets near the shore opposite the trail. This was one time I re-emphasized the “Recognition of risk and release of liability” clause on the sign-up sheet. Happily, our hike proceeded with no casualties. Since it was a warm day, we made stops to enjoy cool shade and refreshing breezes from the creek. We all gathered at an especially beautiful mossy boulder about 2½ miles from trailhead for early lunch. Then hikers proceeded at their own pace as far as they wished before turning back. One person traveled the whole 12 wiles round trip; others accomplished 10 or 11 ales, and some of us were content with 5 or 6 miles and more creek-bank loafing. The last hikers returned to the trailhead at about 4:30 and left the area to the artillery. Members of the group were Karen and Paul Cohen, Helen Fisher, Lewis Forsythe, Gladys Grancorvitz, Phyllis Guy, Nary Ann Harmon, Lee Hatch, Jeanie Holmes, Corrine Hunt, Mae Jackson, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Joan Lovelace, Helen Lynch, Paula Vehrs, Doreen Waggoner and Vela Shirk (leader).

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