Cape Perpetua

April 24, 1988

Seventeen people signed up to hike Gwynn Creek/Captain Cook Ridge Trail Loop from Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. Ten people cancelled. This would have been fine except that one of those who cancelled was Don Sullivan, the assigned leader. The day was saved by Paula Vehrs (the only Obsidian left) who led six non-Obsidians on this qualifying hike, and by Mardi Klotz who agreed to drive. Pat Conger, Anne Conner, Jeannie Courrier, Mardi Klotz, and Paula Vehrs drove in one car to the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center where they were joined by Christine and Jenney Kolas. Together the seven hikers climbed the steep 1000-foot gain to the top of Captain Cook Ridge. There they had lunch before the gradual descent along Gwynn Creek and the final mile along Route 101 to the Visitor Center. Trillium and yellow violets were seen and the final mile yielded views of the ocean.

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