Tidbits Mountain

April 23, 1988

Nine optimists gambled against the weather man and won! We even had some sun. The drawback was that the leader had not checked to see what months were good for Tidbits. Our party left the SEHS parking lot at about 0820 and arrived almost at the trailhead at 1000. We parked a little short of the trailhead due to a snowdrift. We were on the trail at 1015 and there was very little snow at first. However we struggled through deep, soft snow before arriving at the remains of Tidbits Shelter at 1120. After rest and refreshment we spent about half an hour unsuccessfully searching for the trail to the summit. We then decided that the snow conditions were too difficult to try for the summit, and instead climbed to the top of the small peak just west of Tidbits. We were rewarded with nice views of the Blue River and Calapooya drainages, and with views of the bases of the South Sister, Mt. Bachelor and Diamond Peak. After eating again we descended, arriving back at the trailhead at 1345. It was too early for flowers, which should be very nice later, but we heard grouse booming in the distance. The leader’s car tried to check out Buck Mountain on the way back, but his booklet was out of date. The last cars returned to Eugene by 1630. And the winners were Ted Briles, Bob Foster, Mary McCullough, Anne Montgomery, Karen Seidel, Ann Sihler, Miriam Smith, Susan Stewart, and Joel McClure, leader.

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