Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 16, 1988

Our exploratory trip to the refuge began at McFaddens Marsh where we observed several species of birds. Next we drove up to the north entrance and walked around the Fiecher Cottage (one of the oldest buildings in Benton Co.), then over to Park Headquarters and to Cabal Marsh, where we spotted a Bald Eagle. Lunch was at our favorite spot along the Woodpecker Trail. The weather was mild and cloudy — good day for hiking the Mill Hill Loop Trail to Gray Creek. Here Royal helped us find away across the creek to the swamp area where we found fresh evidence of beaver activity. More excitement along the lush, green, moss covered Maple Knoll Trail where we found lady slippers, many wild flowers, red mushrooms, large ferns, newts, and a comical looking moss covered stump which we just couldn’t help but decorate with Shirley’s hat for a photograph. We passed the Beaver Pond on the way back to the cars and drove down to Bellfountain and to Monroe. Here our congenial group stopped for a wine tasting party — wine, bread, cheese — at the open house of the Broadley Vineyard. What a way to celebrate the end of a great trip for Glen Alpin, Teresa Brown, Judy Cox, Shirley Froyd, Carol Howd, Jody Johnson, Gwen Kingsley, Mardi Klotz, Loretta Mason, Mary Moffat, Carol and Royal Murdock, Myrna Peterson. Robin Prentice, Frank and Ruth Sumich, and leader Dorothy Leland!

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